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Washington lobbying firms continue adding press operations

McBee Strategic Consulting is the latest lobbying firm to establish a full-time press room with the hire of former POLITICO reporter Lauren French.

The news release notes:

French, who helmed the paper’s Congress beat, joins the firm’s fast-growing communications business as Senior Manager and will lead its new offering, the Press Office, developed for clients looking to leverage the services of a policy-savvy public relations and communications firm on an opportunistic basis.

This nugget from POLITICO notes the strategic and economic value offered to public affairs and lobbying firms:

Managing director Eric Bovim describes the concept as giving clients a Washington PR presence on a shorter-term, opportunistic basis — think rolling something out over several weeks, as opposed to a month-long campaign for or against a bill. McBee is trying to keep its PR practice growing after revenue doubled last year.

This growing movement by lobbying firms to shore up their communications and shape public opinion is a recognition that the Good Ol’ Boys lobbying of the past no longer applies. Legislator constituents are information gatherers, third party groups can spring up at a moment’s notice, and if your client loses the perception battle up-front, it is  long, slow slog to piece it back together – if it is even possible.

Albrecht Public Relations is the battle-tested firm already assisting lobby firms with their communications and media needs.

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