Albrecht is really good at what he does.

Sioux City Journal 1/9/07

Albrecht has helped me untold times

Bret Hayworth Sioux City Journal

“Top Political Tweeter”

The Washington Post 12/29/11

The affable Albrecht, well-known in Iowa press circles

Des Moines Register 11/02/09

Albrecht has been an active and rising Iowa Republican press aide…

Des Moines Register 11/02/09

National reporters think of him as the epitome of Iowa nice.

Des Moines Register 12/24/14

Tim’s embrace of social media, online tools and overall messaging was a benefit to nearly every department and agency within state government.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad 12/06/13

Tim has traveled with us to a majority of Iowa’s counties, been with us as we worked through three legislative sessions, and has been an important advisor to us in a number of areas.

Iowa Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds 12/06/13

Albrecht has become something of a celebrity among the Romney press corps. His upbeat demeanor has roused us after many 6 a.m. wakeup calls, and his quick wit has kept us laughing through the days.

CBS News 01/03/08

Tim brings with him a wealth of campaign and communications knowledge.

Gentry Collins Mitt Romney's 2008 Iowa Campaign Manager

Tim Albrecht, Terry Branstad’s communications director: Branstad’s top communication aide has risen through the campaign and legislative staff ranks to become a trustworthy aide, and is a new-media whiz.

Des Moines Register DMR's Top 50 - Highly-Coveted communications operative, 12/4/10