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With Albrecht PR, you’ll be dealing directly with Tim, who will work with you every step of the way to make sure your story is told.

Check out our offerings below. If you want to partner, email Tim directly at [email protected] and let’s tell your story, together!

Speechwriting and Preparation

teb.albrechtOftentimes, how or where you say something is more important than what you say. Tim takes a “context is cushion” approach to speechwriting to ensure you are protected against negative perception, and you are able to advance your positive vision in an outsized way.

Tim has been involved in everything from legislative floor speeches to campaign announcements, inaugural prep to three Condition of the State addresses. He’ll take the time, energy and his know-how to ensure you are comfortable, your audience is engaged and your message is heard.


Social Media

TopStatesphotoTim was an early adopter of blogs and social media, and with 16 years between campaigns, it is an important reason Gov. Branstad brought him in to lead his communications efforts.

In 2012 Albrecht engineered the Iowa governor’s office victory in CNBC’s “Top States Twitter Battle,” defeating 49 other governors’ offices in the social media contest by garnering the most activity on behalf of Iowa’s governor and its business climate. He also pioneered the popular #SkypeYourSchool initiative, and led the Governor’s Web Standardization Committee to implement user-friendly design and functionality across all executive branch websites in Iowa, landing the Digital States Survey’s first-place Adaptive Leadership award.

The Albrecht PR approach to social media is simple: above everything, content.

Social media is prevalent thanks to its availability and ease of use. What that also means, however, is there are a lot of bad products flooding the marketplace. Use what works, and put our powerful messaging behind it.

Crisis Communications

Flood 2011 6.27.11 036Tick…tock…tick…tock…

That’s the sound of the clock counting down to your next crisis. So, what are you waiting for? Get us on board with your organization now, before a social media post goes awry or a toxic spill threatens thousands in legal bills and negative media coverage.

We can train your employees on social media usage and have you prepared when that first call comes in from a reporter asking about the latest revelation revealed in a customer blog. Do you know what to say when that phone call comes in? We do.

Don’t just rehab and rebuild your image after the fact. Enhance and protect your brand ahead of the curve.

Tim Albrecht has worked in the high-pressure world of politics and public affairs, at the intersection of the corporate and the political.

The single greatest threat is a lack of clear, concise messaging in a firestorm. Albrecht Public Relations will help your company or organization draw up a crisis communications plan when the inevitable happens.

Direct Mail

Albrecht’s experience as Messaging Executive at Redwave Communications, an award-winning direct mail firm, means he has worked with mail plans, messaging matrixes, delivery calendars, and a rigorous creative process to ensure your mail doesn’t miss a deadline.

You will see some of the best-messaged, best-designed mail hitting boxes on your behalf. The mail Albrecht PR produces in cooperation with Redwave will make you stand out.

Interview Preparation

Albrecht Public Relations has prepared hundreds of people for all types of interview questions and responses, from teachers to small business owners; corporate executives and governors. In an era where one slip can transform your brand reputation within the hour, every on-the-record interview is important. That’s the way we treat it, and you will too.

We take the time to get to know the reporter, the topics, your talking points and we’ll take care to help you avoid potential messaging missteps.

Media Relations

Xi-Visit21996: Type a press release. Fax it. Follow up with a call on the landline phone. Get a mention on the TV news that night and published in tomorrow’s paper.

2006: Email it. Follow up with a landline or mobile phone call. See it pasted on a blog. Watch it on TV that night. See it published in tomorrow’s paper.

2016: I just put out a Tweet, it garnered dozens of likes and retweets. Reporters threw it up on their website with a quick hot take of what it means. The link is pasted on Facebook, where comments, likes and shares are running the gambit. Others comment with a “RT,” offering their own armchair takes on the issue.

Get your story pitched and published! Albrecht PR has generated headlines across the state, country and world, and placed op-eds in a number of print and online publications. We know the reporters and we talk their language.

Albrecht, dubbed “The Ringmaster,” by the traveling press corps, has a fundamental understanding of the role the press plays each and every day – and will help you harness that to your advantage.

Gaining headlines is a big thing, but it’s not the only thing. In today’s fragmented multi-media marketplace, we will build a strategy made for the long-term communication to your publics, and not rely on a one-shot media cycle.

Digital Marketing

Tim and Jeff Boeyink accept the award for Best Individual Public Relations Campaign from the Associated General Contractors.

From 2013-2016, Tim was director of a million-dollar corporate and political advertising firm, Redwave Digital, a firm he continues to partner with. His experience in web development, social media and digital ad placement outpaces equivalent PR firms, giving you a leg up when it comes to the latest web display and design.

In 2015, Albrecht put his expertise to work for the Iowa Good Roads association, drafting and executing a public relations campaign centered around the state’s crumbling roads and bridges, building support around legislation that would increase funding. The campaign combined earned media, social media, mail, TV and digital ads in a successful effort, which landed Associated General Contractor’s “National Public Relations Campaign of the Year” award at their annual banquet.


Longest-Serving-EventWith any event, organizers too-often look at the end goal without truly focusing on attendee experience. Tim handles both. From the lighting to the linens, the riser height to invite Tim is fluent in AP style and writes copy that gets noticed. In the breakneck 24-hour news cycle, you won’t need to wonder if we can get a release out the door, a Tweet sharing your message or a blog post that’s shared throughout social media. Our control and command of your organization’s story will put you front and center in the fragmented landscape of attention spans.and ticket design, Albrecht flawlessly melds every aspect of the event into a shared organizer-user success that will have attendees buzzing for weeks.

Tim’s event experience includes hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Capitol for a state dinner, coordinating Governor Branstad’s 2011 inaugural, running the Governor’s longest-serving event featuring “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson (MORE: “Face the Nation’s Longest Serving Governor”), and managing the Republican Party of Iowa’s 2015 Lincoln Day Dinner – garnering local and national attention for his swift time management of so many speakers.

Tim will leverage his connections to ensure a smooth, flawless event.

Copywriting and Editing

Tim is fluent in AP style and writes copy that gets noticed. In the breakneck 24-hour news cycle, you won’t need to wonder if we can get a release out the door, a Tweet sharing your message or a blog post that’s shared throughout social media. Our control and command of your organization’s story will put you front and center in the fragmented landscape of attention spans.

Need a Speaker?

Tim-Speaking-PresentationTim is available to present to your conference, address your monthly meeting or meet with your governing board. He offers his insight based on his experience navigating the media landscape through crises, live and taped interviews, and more. Your organization will benefit from his fresh, insightful and fun presentation style. Contact us today!