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Roll Call: What We Learned from Super Tuesday

Though race is far from over, Trump has momentum: “Tonight’s results validate the polls Donald Trump has been touting for months. While the race is far from over, Trump’s momentum is serving as a wake-up call for conservative opposition to fall in line under a unified effort to stop him ahead of the next big contests in two weeks.

“A coalescing around Trump is far from certain, and as the race becomes more and more clear, so too does the resolve of those willing to step up and stop him. The question is, is it too little too late? Time will tell, but there is still a chance for the anti-Trump forces to mount a successful campaign against him, and they have 14 days to do it.”

— Tim Albrecht, owner of Albrecht Public Relations, which did work for Jeb Bush, and a former communications director for Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

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