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RABA Research polled North Carolina. Here’s what we found.

(Des Moines) Red America, Blue America (RABA) Research, a bipartisan polling firm with principals based in New York, Des Moines and Washington, DC, is out with a new poll showing North Carolina voters disapprove of the state’s new HB2, anti-transgender law and want the law repealed.

The poll, conducted April 27-28, surveyed 688 North Carolina voters on landline and mobile phones.  The margin of error is +/-3.7%

The new RABA poll shows 50% of registered North Carolina voters disapprove of HB2, while 35% approve of the law and 16% are undecided. Our Research also shows 36% of Republican voters are less likely support HB2 when they heard NASCAR had formally come out in opposition of the law, while 10% were more likely to support the law and it made no difference to 54% of Republican voters.

The new law appears to be having a negative impact on Republican Pat McCrory’s re-election campaign as well.  When asked, “do you approve or disapprove of how Governor Pat McCrory has handled HB2,” 36% of voters approve while 49% disapprove.  In a head-to-head matchup with Democrat Roy Cooper and Libertarian Lon Cecil, McCrory is trailing Cooper 41% to 36% with Cecil at 6% and 17% of voters undecided.

In addition to the Governor’s race, RABA polled the NC Attorney General Race, which has been in the news lately following comments by Republican Attorney General Candidate, Sen. Buck Newton, who called on supporters at a rally to help him “keep our state straight.”  In the race for Attorney General, the head-to-head RABA poll showed Democrat Sen. Josh Stein leading Sen. Buck Newton 40% to 33%, with 27% undecided.

“With voters clearly opposing the new anti-transgender law, and Democrats in both the Governor and Attorney General races showing leads outside the margin of error, it is a safe bet to say the new HB2 legislation has done the Republican party no favors in North Carolina,” said Brad Anderson, a RABA Research founder and principal.  “While there does appear to be a partisan split on the law, the Democratic opposition is much stronger than the Republican support for HB2.  However, the most striking number is the 33% – 52% approve, disapprove difference with Independent voters. Independent voters oppose the law just as strongly as Republicans support it, which could be a problem for Republicans in November.”

About RABA Research: RABA Research was founded in 2016 by a bipartisan group of political professionals who have worked for candidates, issues, organizations and corporations across the globe.

RABA stands for “Red America, Blue America” because we believe polling and data is best when presented accurately and fairly through an unbiased lens. We’ve worked for Obama, Romney, private corporations, organized labor, governors, legislators and organizations that fight for tax fairness and tax breaks.

Our Methodology: Working with experts specializing in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, as well as a sample of live interviews focused on mobile telephones, we have developed a model that is highly accurate.  Our turnout model is based on historical presidential year averages in North Carolina.

This poll was paid for by RABA Research and not by any candidate or outside group.

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