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PoliZette: How Hillary Lost a Key Democratic Outpost in the Midwest

“This is the first state Obama won in 2008 and the last state he campaigned in, in 2012,” said Tim Albrecht, a pollster and consultant who advises the state Republican Party. “Hillary Clinton has been unable to capture the Obama magic in Iowa.”

Albrecht said there are signs of trouble in the Democratic turnout operation. With early voting starting Thursday, he said, the party is behind the pace of 2012. He said the number of absentee ballots requested by Democrats is running roughly half of the number at this time four years ago.

Albrecht said Trump also is benefiting from a unified party. He said the party quickly closed ranks behind him after he sewed up the nomination, even though voters picked Sen. Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses in February. Trump has the full support of rank-and-file Republicans, as well as the party’s elected officials.

“It’s not like that in every state,” Albrecht said. “We don’t have the daily drip of negative stories here. The never-Trump movement never got a foothold here.”

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