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NBC News: In Iowa’s surrogate war, clinton unleashes an army

More than any other campaign from either party, Hillary Clinton has flooded Iowa with star-powered surrogates ahead of the February 1 caucuses.

From pop singer Katy Perry, to writer and actress Lena Dunham, to former president Bill and daughter Chelsea Clinton, the candidate’s bench of surrogates has been deep and omnipresent.

But as recent polls show a tightening race between Sanders and Clinton in Iowa, the question remains if the latter campaign’s army of surrogates can help seal the deal with caucus-goers for the Democratic frontrunner.

While holding dozens of events for surrogates and the candidate at the same time flexes the muscles of a healthy ground game in Iowa, the reality is that too many proxies can present challenges to campaigns.

“Surrogates serve as an important stand in when the candidate is unable to be in the state at any particular time,” asserted Tim Albrecht, a long time Republican Iowan operative. “It can get you additional media hits and it gives supporters and information seekers a validator for that candidate.”

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