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KGAN: Former Branstad staffer: “(President Xi Jinping) sees Gov. Branstad as an old friend”

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-8-05-04-am…Tim Albrecht, a Republican strategist in Iowa and a former communications director for Governor Branstad, says if the position were offered to Branstad, it would be a great fit.

“(President Xi Jinping) sees Governor Branstad as an old friend,” he said.

Albrecht worked with Branstad when President Xi Jinping, who was then China’s vice president, visited Iowa in 2012. And the friendship between both leaders dates back to the 1980s.

“Xi Jinping was stopping in Washington D.C. and stopping in Los Angeles, but he made an overnight visit to what is typically derided as flyover country in Iowa,” Albrecht said. “Everybody was shaking their heads and couldn’t understand why he was coming here, but it’s that close relationship that he had with Governor Branstad that led him to the Capitol, to the farm and to somebody’s living room.”

President Xi Jinping stopped in Muscatine and visited the Kimberley Farms in Maxwell, drawing attention from local and national media, Albrecht said.

A lot of media attention also followed Branstad when he would go on his trade missions overseas.

“When he would visit on his trade missions, I’d track his media coverage and he’d be on the front page of newspapers,” Albrecht said. “The people of China know and respect Terry Branstad because of the relationship that he’s had with (Xi Jinping).”

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